• Image of GemBlender Opal
  • Image of GemBlender Opal
  • Image of GemBlender Opal

Wasting products is a thing of the past, GemBlender doesn't soak up a thing!

The amount of liquid or cream products needed is about half the amount compared to directly using brush or sponge. Bounce your GemBlender all over to blend in & spread your product out. final blending can always be finished with brush or sponge (for example beautyblender).

It's hygienic! Cruelty free, made in the U.S. Vegan & Gluten Free

GemBlender is ideal for people who don't like messy fingers during makeup. Also cleaning THIS APPLICATOR will literally take no more effort than rubbing it with a little soap and rinsing with some luke warm water. Speaking as a professional makeup artist, it is amazing that you can use it on one client/model, clean it with a makeup remover and sanitizing spray, and then you can use it on another client/model immediately just like that?

Throwing away disposable sponge can totally be minimized!!!!


Take the smallest amount of cream/liquid product and blend outward
Tap repeatedly to blend and settle, pay attention to edges (jawlines, hairlines, around the eyes. No need to hold the sides and fold to create a "point" for detail and point applications GemBlender is ergonomically shaped to perfection.

Repeat and build coverage as needed.