Introducing GEMBLENDER makeup applicators, a NEW makeup tool must-have, created by renowned makeup artist and beauty influencer Destiny Godley. 

The non absorbent,  skin soft texture will blend more and absorb less. 

Blend anything from foundation, moisturizer, cream blush & more to perfection.  It’s easy to use & easier to clean, GEMBLENDER is designed to suit every makeup users needs. 


 It’s very soft to the touch and has a slight bounce and stick texture that mimics supple skin. The innovative texture 

is specifically designed to hold, apply and blend cream based makeup without excess absorption.


Even the most sensitive skin is treated to the best care as the formula is latex, cruelty and phthalate free. The 

innovative GEMBLENDER design is not only beautiful and unique, but long lasting. It will  save you time and money.  “Less is more” has never been more true. Using less makeup to achieve anything from a beautiful natural glow to a full-coverage “super beat” is one of our favorite things about GEMBLENDER. 


Squeezing and rinsing on repeat is a thing of the past. Cleansing your GEMBLENDER is easy.  You can cleanse

GEMBLENDER with many of the products you use to cleanse your face, or remove makeup. We find that double-action cleansers work best. Micellar waters and makeup removers with oil or silicone whisk  away makeup immediately. 

Using the gem blender extremely simple. Everyone will find their own perfect way to use GEMBLENDER. I like a “super-tap-attack” method. I place some makeup on a palette or work off the back of my hand, dipping 

GEMBLENDER into my makeup & then I tap fast and furiously blending my makeup to perfection. You can also dot makeup all over your face and use GEMBLENDER to smooth out your makeup, then tap to blend out the edges.


Opal,  Trillion,  Briolette)

Each shape has it’s own specialty. 

Opal is my favorite for all over fast blending. It’s also great for under-eye work and contour blending. The trillion is for under-eye and contour PERFECTION. It’s soft & flexible yet firm angles allow you to get in all the nooks and crannies with precision. The Briolette aka “Brio” is a combo of all-over blending with a tip to focus on under-eye and around the nose. 

Just like a true GEM. Each and every GEMBLENDER is unique with it’s own unique imperfections and it’s own individual color and design. Please don’t feel discouraged by bubbles, dips or dents. We ensure the quality and efficacy of our hand made designs and ensure your satisfaction.  Thank you. Welcome to the new #GEMeration.